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Aquaprintt is a quality-conscious and innovative company in the branch of water transfer printing and varnishing for high-quality end products in the areas Yachting, Automotives and Enterprises with products of character. As an Out-tasker, aquaprintt cooperates closely with its customers. Flexability in production, quality as requested from the customer and impeccible results are the foundation for our success on the market and with respect to our competitors. Aquaprintt is an owner-managed company with distinced lines of communication, precise task descriptions and fair payment for good performance. One who makes a contibution to increase in value through excellent work has a long-dated future at aquaprintt.

Your profile

You have a great passion for varnishing. You have earned qualifications in that area. As a varnisher with an earned qualification you perfectly fit in our efficient team. You have earned some experience in the area of coating technology which you can bring in. You know that learning in our time is a lifelong task and you are ready to deal with new technology, varnishing procedure and water transfer printing. In addition to it you are willing to specifically learn through your daily work. We prefer to hire somebody with a high willingness to learn than one who ones has learnt something. For our customers, we continuously search for enhancements. You are the right person for us if you share this goal. Standing still was yesterday, making progress is today.


Feel free to contact us to get a precise view of the tasks and duties in our company. It is very important for us to speak with you in peace about this issue.

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